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One of my favorites! This brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.

Enjoy as the "Great Communicator" communicates as only HE could!  -  Then watch the finale as the "Teleprompter President" communicates like no one should!

Rush airs "Don't Detroit Virginia" ad on the radio

Barbara Carlson at King Street Patriots speaking with Catherine Englebreck.

Barbara Carlson at KSP from King Street Patriots on Vimeo.


Educate Yourself!

Barbara Carlson has a passion for education. Barbara's editorials will give you insight into the defining issues of our time. She educates further by providing links to research about the actions of the government and how they will affect your life.

Thomas Jefferson is credited with saying “The government you elect is government you deserve.” If you merely vote without knowledge, you will certainly not know what you are going to get. You can only be sure that it may not be what you want.

Barbara Carlson wants you to know - clearly - where she stands on the critical issues facing America, you and your family.

Read about ISSUES and choose wisely.

Compare her PLATFORM to your own goals.

The Conservative Voice 

"The Conservative Voice", my editorial column, brings you highly sensitive information which you must have in a timely manner. What a deep honor to be "The Conservative Voice" for Fort Bend County. 

Barbara with David Limbaugh & Danny NguyenI bring you timely information and opinion, such as the Spirit of Freedom Republican Women and share with you the story of their spectacular event with guest David Limbaugh. 

Review just a little of the excitement with me in my latest column. Click the link in the menu above, or click this direct link.

Ronald Reagan -
An American Hero



The brilliant and articulate Dinesh Dsouza speaks on Obamacare. No one could have stated it any better, calling it the "Inverted Morality". A MUST WATCH!


Rafeal Cruz, Senator Ted Cruz' father. These are the same thoughts and words I've heard spoken from my dearest friends who fled Poland, Venezuela, Columbia and Brazil.

"We can remain silent no more!"

Read Billy Hallowell's report on Rafeal Cruz's speech in The Blaze.  


Sen. Ted Cruz tells Eric Bolling, abolish the IRS and much more


Dr. Benjamin Carson at February's National Prayer Breakfast

Dr. Benjamin Carson is the world-renowned Pediatric Neurosurgeon Division Director at John Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Carson is a rock-solid Conservative, a man who understands logic, our debt crisis, our problematic taxation dilemma and the importance of God as the center fabric of our country's foundation and very being. This is a MUST WATCH speech.

Please note three key points:

  1. Our President, Vice President and First Lady do NOT applaud in union with Dr. Carson (unlike the audience) when he addresses our national debt, taxation and God.
  2. Why the smug look on our President's face? Anger, uncomfortable with the truth?
  3. Dr. Carson courageously speaks of "our people," meaning our entire country.

Indeed, "The PC (political correctness) police are out in force at all times...[and] we need to forget about unanimity of thought...[for] PC is dangerous...[and it] muffles people, puts a muzzle on them and at the same time keeps people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this society is being changed and we can't fall for that."

This is a well-worthy spent 26:35 minute speech. Well articulated, Dr. Carson!

But wait, there's more!

Dr. Benjamin Carson, a highly-educated Conservative, boldly speaks out less than five feet from our president and explains utter logic about his mother's strength in raising 24 children, a woman who only had a third-grade education and worked 2-3 domestic jobs at a time, a woman who refused to go on welfare because "she noticed that no one she ever saw go on welfare ever came off of it." She grasped the importance of reading and not watching senseless TV.


America and Assault Rifles

Ben Shapiro speaks with Piers Morgan

Watch this challenging video, absorb the conversation, then read my column coming on Wednesday in the Ft. Bend Star, and right here on this website. You will be speechless!


We Must Continue the Fight

We must continue to educate the citizens of our great country.

In this battle for the future of our Republic, we will challenge those who would cripple our people with corruption, whether with corrupt ideas or by corrupt leaders. Learning about true democracy and electing leaders who believe in its principles will be the key to our survival as the greatest nation ever to exist. Read more...



We, the middle class - the hardest working and most under-represented Americans - must fight harder than ever to protect our country. We must lead without fear. We must be tenacious.

Redefine Ethics - Carlson for CongressWe must bring sanity back to Washington. We must give our children something positive to look forward to and we must fight for our unborn, our abused children and elderly.

 We must honor our Veterans who have sacrificed so much for us and who keep us safe. We must clean up Washington from the corruption that has run rampant.